We’ve known it was coming for a long time now but that hasn’t stopped us from bemoaning its demise but it’s now official — Google Play Music is finally dead.

Surfing on over to music.google.com or on either the Android or iOS app you will now be greeted by a “Google Play Music is no longer available” message. The new message of course gives you the options to not just transfer to YouTube Music but to also download your music library, delete your recommendation history or to delete your music library.

The new message looks to be the final nail in the coffin of GPM and while it is extremely disappointing for many of us it is something we have known was coming for a long time. At the same time Google have attempted to improve YouTube Music as much as possible to make the transition as seamless as possible but let’s face it, given GPM was a mature app and service, transferring to a budding app in its infancy such as YTM is never going to give the same experience.

If you haven’t transferred your library over to YTM or would like to download your music library head on over to music.google.com and set that running — you have until the end of the month before you lose that information forever. We have had many readers switch away from Google’s music service to others and we have no doubt that Google may struggle to keep many users — hopefully one day they can build YTB to a place where it is as mature, feature packed and user friendly as GPM was and can entice users back.

In the meantime, another Google services bites the dust — RIP GPM.

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Its a shame at times after the transfer has occurred some of the songs say the song is unavailable. Where on google music this issue didn’t occur.


And still no support for Family Link accounts in YTM…


I’m still waiting to be able to delete the app from my phone…


Shame that shuffle and repeat functions are still broken on YTMusic when casting to a speaker.


As a very early adopter of GPM I will miss it but the reality is I’ve not used it meaningfully for over a year, probably more. Instead – as someone who enjoys live music – YouTube Music better serves my needs anyway, and for everything else Spotify offers a better all round experience than GPM ever did, and likely than YouTube music ever will.


In my use of Spotify, I’ve found it to not be anywhere near a patch on what GPM had. For me, it’s gaming and anime J Pop. And quite bluntly Spotify simply is nowhere near up to snuff, as soon as you are trying to find releases more than a couple of years old. In terms of app widget, Spotify’s widget is a waste of space and resources, in comparison to GPM. Buy music and download that music? Nope. Like YTM, Spotify won’t let you buy music. Spotify makes you go to other music providers to buy your own copies… Read more »