Just like we have seen Spotify do in the last few days YouTube Music are rolling out users’ “Year in Review” playlists although there is a difference. Without any real insight or inside knowledge based on what you liked this year and how often you listened to something, YouTube Music are just rolling out your top 25 to 100 songs for the year.

Given that Google Play Music is not officially dead we are unsure just how much of your history from GPM is included in this YouTube Music playlist but it must include even a bit. It is apparently the first of several new end-of-year playlists heading our way on YouTube Music.

Android Police has noticed that other playlists are also on the way including the “Top Songs of 2020”, “Top Pop 2020”, and “Top Latin 2020” playlists. Given that last year more than this were included it is a fair bet that there are more top 2020 playlists on the way.

While YouTube Music has a long way to go to be able to compare their year in review offering to that from Spotify. As YouTube Music improves over the years we hope that it can come up with some better, insightful playlists at the end of the year.

To check out your own personalised “My 2020 Year in Review” YouTube Music playlist head on over this this link now.

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Based on what my list is compiled of, i dont think it includes any data from GPM plays, which makes it all a bit pointless really.


The way to improve YTM would be to restore GPM to FULL FUNCTIONALITY, and terminate YTM as a comprehensive YouFail.


Yep google play music worked well , i had a bunch of songs and couple of nice tailor made play lists on there, it was a nice convenient way of just hearing a song on the radio i liked and paid a couple of bucks and added it to my play list for later listening. A bit like the 3.5 mm headphone jack , mostly gone but not forgotten . Its funny that android like just apple keep deleting good features , in the end , the two platforms are becoming very similar , it is all about making the… Read more ยป

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“YouTube Music has a new recommendation for you:

Let It Go by Idina Menzel”


You know what’s funny Adam, “Idina Menzel – Let It Go (from Frozen) (Official Video)” has been a regular sight in my YouTube recommendations since 2014.It’s one of the very few songs I did not UNLIKE, on YTM, simply to stop YTM contaminating my YouTube recommendations.