Given the roaring success of YouTube Shorts, it’s not a surprise that the content creators have lobbied for monetisation. It’s a clear and direct competitor to TikTok, with established YouTube channels getting a lot of views. Unlike other platforms though, YouTube Shorts isn’t yet paying out on views.

For a user to monetise their channel, they need to tick a number of boxes including 1000 subscribers and over 4,000 public view hours.

First reported by the NY Times, it has now been confirmed that YouTube Shorts will be added to the monetisation program.

Potentially a point of aggregation for content creators is that YouTube will retain a higher level of the generated funding. It is, however, possible to use music in your videos without getting hit with a Copywrite strike.

For personal reasons around the data security, I choose not to be on the TikTok platform but do enjoy a few shorts when time allows.

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I use a third party app to block YouTube Shorts, as I despise portrait mode cellphone video, on my Android tablet in landscape.