YouTube has today introduced a new way for audiences to engage with YouTube creators, Handles. The main difference between a creator name and a Handle seems to be that each channel a creator has can be assigned its own Handle.

Overall we’re not sure that it will significantly change the way users interact with YouTube, but it may provide flexibility to creators with multiple audiences, and anything that makes things easier for creators is good for the overall ecosystem. Handles will appear on both channels and Shorts.

Handles will be rolling out over the coming weeks on an invite basis before all channels become eligible, by default, your channel name will be reserved as you Handle until you get access to accept and customise or change your Handle. You will be notified in Creator Studio and via email when you can select your Handle.

Honestly, this seems to be an attempt to bring YouTube closer to TikTok and Instagram; it is interesting that all of the stylings in the above video are more reminiscent of those platforms than YouTube’s iconic look and feel. To check out if you are eligible wither wait for the email, or hit the URL now