Launching in Australia just a few days ago, AnkerWork has delivered a host of hardware to improve your work from home experience. The company has a history of delivering hardware that is focused on the current day working experience and this continues with its latest releases.

On the new Australian site, you’ll find a range of speaker phones, webcams and headsets. These are headlined by the PowerConf H700 and the B600 Video Bar. Both devices show the capabilities of Anker — the parent company — to bring an outstanding experience to your home workspace.

PowerConf H700

A headset designed to ensure your remote work is distraction-free, with VoiceShield that serves you and whoever you’re communicating with for the clearest audio possible. It also has its own software intended to save you time in meetings and the stress of getting minutes out afterwards:

During calls, audio can be recorded to a computer using AnkerWork’s conferencing software, then later retrieved and quickly transcribed into text.

As a headset ready for use with video conferencing it’s important for communication to be stable. The H700 can be tuned to your listening needs, is wireless and has enough battery to get you through days of work without needing to be charged. It has a number of features that complement this such as smart mute, noise reduction microphones, indicators for incoming calls and a carry case to protect your investment.

Available through the AnkerWork site for $299.95 RRP

AnkerWork B600 Video Conferencing Bar

This has to be one of the most comprehensive video setups that I’ve seen in a single unit. It offers a pathway to reduce clutter on your desk and ensure that both your video and audio feeds are as clean as possible. This is achieved through the 2K camera, a multi-mic setup that reduces noise in calls, reasonable (considering their physical size) speakers and inbuilt lighting.

The light in particular can make video calls particularly pointless if there’s a strong light behind the person you’re talking to as it makes them look like they’re in witness protection.

Valued at $499.95 the AnkerWork B600 isn’t a cheap offering, but if you’re on video conferences regularly it will be worth the investment.

We’ll be taking a look at both devices across the next month or so and confirm how well they perform in some potentially challenging environments.

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the insta 360 link webcam is better than this cam b600


The B600 with its light bar, finally there’s a webcam with decent lighting built in.
I just hope the light has a separate power feed cable, as I find the USB A plug on the cable for my Vivitar 8in ring light becomes noticeably hot after an hour or so conference, due to the power draw.
You’d not want the light drawing so much power that it overheats a single USB plug, and takes out both the cam and light.