When I reviewed the Motorola Edge 30 Pro 6 months ago I said it offered the basics of a flagship for $999.

Fast forward to now and it’s on sale at JB Hi-Fi for only $499 which is an insane bargain at that price as you get:

No other phone near this price point offers so much value.

Sure it’s 6 months since launch but you’ll still get roughly 2.5 years of security updates and OS upgrades to Android 13 as well as 14.

Is this unexpected sale pricing good enough to convince you to buy the phone for yourself or a family member?

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Tony Belcher

$999 now ๐Ÿ™

Jack Bauer

Was it a 1 day sale or a glitch? Cus it’s showing as $999

Last edited 1 year ago by Jack Bauer

Neerav, in your review of the Edge 30 Pro, you say it will get 4 Android OS updates, but here, it sounds like it will only get 2. What’s correct?


We’ve been extremely happy with the Motorola handset we bought our son, so I’d consider one for myself in future. Not quite ready to part with my Pixel 5 yet though.