Zoom has not just become a go-to for users who need to have a virtual meeting, it’s become the name for video meetings. Much the same way that Samsung has commonly been recognised as Android, Zoom is now a way of describing a video call. Zoom for Android will soon have the ability to stream to YouTube, a great feature if you’re holding meetings of public interest to avoid Zoom-bombers interrupting.

There is a significant catch though if you want to be able to live stream your meetings. You need to have a fairly significant social following, specifically subscribers on YouTube. This is not a Zoom restriction, but a YouTube requirement to enable live streaming. Further to this, you’ll need to enable the feature “Allow live streaming meetings” in your Zoom account which (like others I’ve spoken to) I’m not seeing yet.

As you can see from the screenshots on 9to5Google, the feature is easy to enable (essentially one touch) and use. Undoubtedly very useful to many, provided you’ve got the social following required.