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Google add Zoom support and more to Nest Hub Max

Zoom is one of the more popular video calling services and it has also seen a huge increase in usage this year, albeit after an auspicious start to the year. Now Google are...

Zoom will soon let you live stream to YouTube if you’ve got the social...

Zoom has not just become a go-to for users who need to have a virtual meeting, it's become the name for video meetings. Much the same way that Samsung has commonly been recognised...

Zoom will only be providing end-to-end encryption for paid users

In 2020 many people, and rightly so, are concerned about their privacy. Unfortunately no one told Zoom this and it looks like their end-to-end encryption will only be included for paid users with...

Zoom continues to bolster security to prevent zoombombing

Zoom has come to prominence with a rocket thanks to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The sudden need for an easy to access, free -- or relatively low cost -- video conferencing option had businesses...

Zoom gets an update to improve security and privacy

Zoom's popularity have blown through the roof in the past couple of months but unfortunately for them the increase in users has also resulted in bugs and issues being amplified. They are addressing...

More bad news for Zoom and their users, as 500,000+ accounts compromised and sold

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 there have been many winners and losers, and one company that falls into both baskets is Zoom. They saw enormous growth in their userbase quickly, but also hit the...

Skype’s response to Zoom is to “Meet Now”

COVID-19 has a lot to answer for including the social isolation we’re currently enduring, issues at home with families suffering cabin fever and the migration of our workforce to their homes. That migration has seen...

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