Zoom is one of the more popular video calling services and it has also seen a huge increase in usage this year, albeit after an auspicious start to the year. Now Google are finally recognising Zoom by adding support for it to their video calling flagship, the Nest Hub Max.

From today Zoom users in US, UK, Canada and AUSTRALIA (yes, we were included in a first release for once) will start seeing the option to make video calls on the Nest Hub Max using Zoom. It is not quite available to all and you will have to go out of your way to get it, but it is official.

To access the Zoom calling preview program you will need to head into the Nest Hub Max settings within your Google Home app and then, when it is there, Preview Program (within Device Information). Here you will eventually be able to opt in to test out the Zoom calling feature on the Nest Hub Max — as long as your Google account is linked to your Zoom account.

Once a Zoom meeting is in your Google Calendar, Google will recognise this and to enter the next meeting all you have to do is say:

Hey Google join my next meeting

You will also be able to start your own Zoom call by asking Assistant to do it for you:

Hey Google start a Zoom call

Along with the new Zoom integration Google have also added new features to the Google Meet experience on the Nest Hub Max. Adding to Google Meet experience now is:

  • An in-call clock to keep meetgins on schedule (you’ll need to tap the display to see it)
  • Nameplates on user tiles to help you see who is in the meeting
  • The ability to double tap a user to pin their video feed
  • A new 2×2 grid to allow you to see four meeting participants at once
  • An overflow menu to show meeting attendees not currently displayed in the grid

One related addition today is also Google have said that their WiFi and Nest WiFi products will now auto-detect and prioritise video conferencing on Meet and Zoom meetings so hopefully no more stuttering on your videos as long as you are on a Google or Nest Wifi product connection.

With Christmas coming up it may still be difficult for some to get out to see their family and friends so these new additions will hopefully help the video calling experience for all.