Google have recently been adding new features to the Google Home app, and more specifically Routines, and now they are set to roll out another new feature. According to a Redditor Google will be introducing a new sunrise/sunset trigger in the near future with it already landing on some users’ app already.

In the latest beta release of the Google Home app (v2.35.1.5) there is a new sunset or sunrise trigger for routines — along with a new user interface for creating routines. XDA have shown off some screenshots from the updated beta app with a new option to trigger a routine which then breaks down into whether you want the routine to being at sunrise or sunset.

After selecting either sunset or sunrise you can then set a time related to either of these — eg. 1 hours after sunrise or 30 minutes before sunset. You can also change specify the days of the week when these routines will trigger, which device(s) you want the Routine to run on and whether to enable to disable notifications for the routine.

The new update is available only for a select few beta users at this stage but hopefully it won’t be too long before we see it in the stable channel. Anyone got any uses for this new trigger? Let us know in the comments so we can share ideas.

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Phillip Malone

Has everyone got the setting IOT devices to run for a certain time with the Assistant or am I in an advanced group? I sometimes just throw commands I think should work at my listening assistants and was very pleased that “Hey Google, Turn on the Air con for 30 mins” started working the other day! Also, “Turn on the air con in 30 minutes” works as well (Where our aircon is controlled by Sensibo, one of our greatest purchases ever).

Just thought I would throw that out there!

Phillip Malone

Seems it was added just recently and you guys reported it:
Must of missed it.