Like a lot of users, the YouTube app is generally a media consumption app for me but that could be changing soon. The team at 9to5Google outline some coming changes in an app update that’s rolling out. The change is moving the creation options from the top right in the Android app to the bottom navigation bar. The other notable change for regular users — who use subscriptions particularly — is that notifications are moving to the top right.

The YouTube create button will be parked in the centre of the bottom navigation bar. It presents as a plus sign and is your one-stop-shop for adding media to your account. The report notes that the functionality of the plus button is exactly the same as the previous camera button.

This does raise some interesting questions, particularly when you consider the very limited rollout at this time. The reasoning for the change only being available in India is also an interesting decision. If this is for a test-bed, or if it relates to changing features that we don’t yet know about. Time will tell.