We’ve already seen the transition with YouTube Music — as well as YouTube TV in the states — to a Progressive Web App (PWA). Now the next major Google service has made the leap with YouTube now available for installation on your machines.

Purely by chance while seeking some evening viewing, I noticed the + symbol in the address bar. Once installed, the app will open and operated similarly as YouTube in a browser would. But, it has the advantage of being able to minimise or independently move to another screen for viewing without displacing tabs from your browser.

The installation also means you get (providing you pin the app to your taskbar) the easily identifiable Play button. This gives you quick and easy access to YouTube, your account and watch lists. In PC or Mac terms, the usefulness of PWA installations is possibly debatable, but with a ChromeOS device, their use is astounding.

If you could choose a single Google service to become a PWA, which one would you choose next?

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I remember this was the same option for hangouts a while ago, but not for me as i don’t want people noticing me that I’m watching YouTube by looking into my taskbar