Google Play Music is effectively on its death bed, with YouTube Music the successor to what was once greatness. There have been a few false steps along the transition pathway and – it seems – another has just happened. The YouTube for Android TV app is getting a server-side update — currently being rolled out — is bringing some new Music features. Unfortunately, from what we can see it’s not a good replacement for Google Play Music and it’s far from brilliant.

Features you want and expect from the YouTube Music interface (or even the old GPM app) just aren’t there including

  • Shuffle and Repeat functions
  • Background Play: So the YouTube app has to be active to continue playback
  • Playlist editing of any sort
  • Lyrics is missing – Although if this prevents drunken home Karaoke, I’m ok with that!
  • Personal library access

The back end integration seems solid, with recommendations matching that of YouTube Music and the personalised mixes are on the mark. So the foundation is there, but the delivery needs some work which is undoubtedly happening. As this continues to improve over the coming few weeks we’ll do our best to stay on top of the changes.

This could be one of the final keys to the puzzle before GPM is finally put out to pasture.

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I’ve always found it weird that there wasn’t a dedicated Android TV Youtube Music app.

All in all though, I quite enjoy youtube music as my primary music streaming app. The aesthetic of YT music is much more modern compared with gpm. Not perfect but does what I need it to do. To be honest the value factor of the combined Youtube Premium and Youtube Music family plan at $17.99 is just too good.


YouTube Premium, at the grandfathered price I get, is the sole reason to keep paying my subscription.
Paying any amount, solely for YouTube Music, would be throwing good money at garbage.


The cause of this unmitigated disaster inflicted upon GPM users can be summed up in this sentence part from this article “matching that of YouTube Music”. When users music is what has not been forced from GPM onto YTM, users get screwed over. “Shuffle and Repeat functions” “Background Play” “Playlist editing of any sort” “Personal library access” These four are rock bottom basic functionality for any music player. Their being MIA at this late date shows the extent of the ongoing clusterf*** which YTM is and always will be. “Lyrics is missing” Game breaking screw over on everyone who listens… Read more »


The migration is a disaster.
Particularly forcing users with their own library to subscribe to premium if they want to cast to Google speakers, download, play the background or use Google assistant