Tuesday , September 26 2017

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Let’s send Ausdroid to cover MWC 2015!

Ausdroid is entering its fifth year in 2015, and we’d like to make it our biggest yet. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown to a reasonably sustainable model, but there’s some things we haven’t yet been able to achieve. Tech media in Australia is a small industry, and many sites (including …

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Update on the Ausdroid Store

For those that aren’t newsletter subscribers you might not have seen the news about the Ausdroid Store. We’ve been running our gadget store for a couple of months now, and it’s time to look at the results and how things have been going. While we’ve enjoyed running the store, and …

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Nexus 5: How the order process works

1 November 2013, the day when Google made the Nexus 5 available to us all. However, judging by the comments on our earlier post about the Nexus 5 availability, not everyone has had the most enjoyable journey through the ordering process, so we thought we’d document what we experienced when …

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Update on Ausdroid’s server issues

You’ve probably noticed Ausdroid has had a few hiccups over the last twelve hours. We’ve been working just about round the clock to get everything working A-OK again, and at the time of writing, things seem to be largely back to normal. A big thanks from me to Alan at …

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Ausdroid Podcast 059 – 05/03/2013

Welcome back to the Ausdroid Podcast – this is episode 59! This week we wrapped up the news and Android announcements from Mobile World Congress as they relate to us here in Australia, looked at the Samsung Galaxy S IV rumour mill and took another look at what’s happening in …

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Ausdroid Podcast 058 – 26/02/2013

Welcome back to the awesomeness that is the Ausdroid Podcast. We are hitting the airwaves or video waves whatever you want to call it with another killer show. This week’s show featured a special guest appearance by Russell Ivanovic of Shifty Jelly, creators of Pocket Casts and Pocket Weather AU, …

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