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Ausdroid has always offered its readers a few different ways to consume its news. What started as a simple blog then became a much more comprehensive website, we spread out into offering an RSS feed, a Podcast, and then a mobile optimised website. We’ve even been featured in HTC’s BlinkFeed product on their new handsets, which is quite a feat in itself.

We’d now like to introduce the latest member of the family, and one that we think is kind of cool.

Launched today on the Play Store is the official Ausdroid app. It’s free, and you can download it right now.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

As a first release, which some of our long time readers have been using as semi-closed beta, there’s some features which aren’t available just yet, however you can enjoy the following features today:

  • Read news, reviews, rumours and opinions in a number of categories
  • View comments on articles (replying is coming next!)
  • Download news in advance for offline reading
  • Change between three themes – Light, Dark and Ausdroid
  • View top stories as selected by our editors

We’re working on new features constantly, and we wanted to get this version out to you without any further delay. We have to offer a big thanks to Zac Barton who’s done the development work for Ausdroid, and has made this project what it is now.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out, and by all means give us your feedback. It is, after all, what our readers want that will influence what comes next.

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    I can’t find this app on Google Playstore anymore. Why?


    Just loaded it onto my HP Slatebook. Great looking app guys!


    Awesome guys, love it!



    Brian Carrick

    I’m waiting for the Ausdroid review before I download this one

    Iain Simmons

    Images open up in the browser… Perhaps a built-in viewer or even slideshow would provide better experience? Particularly for reviews, etc.

    Otherwise, it looks good. Oh and opening the top stories, there’s no date/timestamp…


    Integrating forums would be good. Keeps it seperate and linking Ausdroid as a community. I don’t like keeping myself logged into web-based accounts so I always post as a guest. And I dont use google plus nor to broadcast all my tech geeky posts to all my friends via fb or similar. Just how I feel. Not sure if others feel the same but I’d feel better and post regularly with an Ausdroid acc..




    Should have a widget 😛




    I like that you’ve included light and dark themes. I dislike ads…and I have ad blocker if i need but prefer not to use it. I’d pay a few dollars for ad-free and only immediate thing I’d love to see would be scaleable font size. Its a lil on the large size for me. Like it so far tho. Well done.


    Hey NOZ, we hear you. We’ve included ads because at the end of the day, it’s ads that keep Ausdroid running. We know, though, that people don’t like them, and we will offer a future version with either (a) an in-app purchase to disable ads, or (b) a donate version which is ad free (but otherwise the same features).


    I’d buy it AND donate.

    Richard Yarrell

    Downloading now.

    Benjamen Meiers

    Nice looking app. It would be better if it had pullout navigation rather than drop-down navigation and pull-down-to-refresh shouldn’t be that hard to include.

    It also looks like the included splash screen is for the light theme and not the default theme. It also animates from splash screen to app which destroys the point of a splash screen which is mainly used to make it look like it loaded faster.


    Hi Ben, we’re looking at a navigation drawer pull-out style once we had further options to the app, including a quick way to view our tweet stream, a podcast player perhaps, and other distinct forms of content. For these, we’ll use a drawer, and the drop-down for changing the split of the news/content shown.


    Should have made only an app for iOS. For the lulz.


    Well done, guys! Giving it a go right away!