Motorola’s flagship Moto X series phones are set to start receiving their Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates by the end of this week.

The Moto X Style and the Moto X Play, both sold exclusively through Vodafone in Australia are both set to see the update rolled out by over the air update by the end of the week. Vodafone published their last software update blog prior to Christmas where the updates for the phones was listed as completed and waiting the OTA rollout. Motorola Australia has confirmed that the update is ready to rock and should start being pushed to users by the end of this week.

The Marshmallow update for Motorola phones includes all the goodies you expect from Android 6.0, including Google Now On Tap, as well as the marvellous power saving feature Doze. Motorola has previously advised that they will be removing some features from their stock build due to replication in stock Android now – features such as Moto Assist, Motorola Migrate and Moto Connect, with Motorola advising

The release of a new Android version is a great time to take a fresh look at our signature Moto Enhancements to ensure we’re complementing Android (not competing with it). Android 6.0 Marshmallow includes some great new features similar to things we’ve developed in the past. For example, you’ll find an option for ‘Do not disturb’ under the ‘Sound and notification’ settings to make sure you’re not interrupted during meetings or while sleeping. That’s similar to Moto Assist, so we’re removing Moto Assist as part of the upgrade to M.

The update should be arriving soon, though it will be staged so it won’t all hit at once. If you have a Moto X Style or Moto X Play, start hitting that Check for Updates option in settings right now – and let us know when you start getting those updates (and don’t forget to include a screenshot).

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Hi all. IF you were silly like me and flashed all sorts of rubbish on your phone prior to this update and you want to return to stock so you get the OTA 6.0 update, I have made a guide to show you how. I published it on XDA under ‘General’ section. It is a post called ‘AUSTRALIAN XT1572 guide to restore stock to get offical OTA 6.0 update’.

Sly Surfer

Just got marshmallow on the moto x play, purchased outright from Vodafone and on Boost mobile. Great stuff.


6.0 for my Moto X Style


Just installed my Marshmallow 6.0 Update today! :-))
I’m here on the Southside of Brisbane / Australia .. Happy-as!! 😀

Steven C

I’ve just received the update notification on my Moto X Style. I bought my set outright from Vodafone.


The kernal on my xplay is six months old and I still haven’t gotten the update. One of the reasons I bought it was because of Motorola’s reputation for speedy updates so I’ve gotta say I’m pretty disillusioned it’s taken this long, especially with stagefright vulnerability.

Alex Verzosa

Just tried checking for software update thru settings on my Vodafone X Style, got the notification that the software update is available.


Still waiting.
I also asked a Vodafone store yesterday and they did not know of any updates rolling out for it.
On a related note I also asked if they had any accessories and it would still seem that at least the store I visited had not yet gotten anything.


One day more on and still waiting. I wonder if they are somehow either doing it 1 by one or prioritizing Vodafone customers first?


My Nexus 6P & 7 both been out for awhile but never came ota…so at least google post the images and I flashed em myself


…and the turbo 2?


Got a prompt to update yesterday but I wasn’t ready to yet so clicked ‘not now’.
Now I keep checking system update option but keep getting ‘system is up to date’ message!
I don’t get it kinda stupid.


I got the update prompt too, started downloading, but stopped it because I had to go out. Came home to continue, but also got the “System is up to date” when I checked it again.? Wtf.?
* Anyone know how to get the update back.?

Conor Watt

not got it yet on the style. Over it!!!

jeff the chef

Got 6.0 on my x-play last month here in Canada. Sd card memory adoption feature is pretty cool.

Lee Hall

I got my X Play from Clove, which I assume makes my X Play a UK/European model? Any word on if it updates at the same time as Australian X Plays?


Dono why my memory card is getting rejected after this update


if someone gets the Moto X Style can they try and capture it and post it to XDA? I would love to get a copy as I doubt I will get the OTA as I have rooted my phone.


As they say, “if it’s rooted”, you’re rooted”!!

This is why I did not root this time because it’s the closest to stock you can get.!!


It is all good. I flashed back to the original stock rom 23.11.18 and I immediately got the OTA notification. So far the update seems smoother than the EU 6.0 rom I flashed a few months ago. Wonder if we will see Android 6.1?


Lucky U got your OTA back, well done! – But I rekon we will see 6.1 on the Moto X Pure. I still have a Htc One M7 & it started with 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), & got to v5.0 (Lollipop) no worries! So it went thru JB, KitKat & LP, that’s 3 versions! So I’m expecting the same here! :-))


silly question perhaps but I’m using the X Play on Telstra. I appreciate the phone won’t be updated via Telstra but will I need to remove the SIM or something and update over wifi? or is the update not being pushed by Vodafone?


I am the same but would almost certainly say it would be over WiFi.
I just checked my phone for an update and got nothing yet.

Joshua Ferguson

Same boat as well, on Telstra network. Nothing here.


still waiting – has it dropped for you guys yet??


I am on telstra but I bought the Moto X Play from Vodafone, I just got the update this morning. Downloaded on WiFI without removing sim


Appreciate the heads up, still waiting but at least it’s on the way.

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If Motorola enabled the notification LED in its firmware, we wouldn’t have to keep running CM. I guess all we can hope for is that Motorola releases its kernel source and we can run a custom kernel with stock firmware.


Received the 6.0 updated on Moto X Play. It has December security patch.


Are you with vodafone or another carrier?




It doesn’t matter, you get the update from Motorola!!


Cool do you know if they have added double shake for flash?


Nope. Its not there in the unlocked version.


Double shake is stock for flash, mine works, & double twist for camera is also stock.!!