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A couple of days ago, Google removed the factory images for the Nexus 4 from their Google Developers page. This has left a gaping hole in the ability for Nexus 4 owners to restore their devices back to stock if required. Well the developer of the Nexus 4 Toolkit has you covered, they’ve uploaded an image to and included the link in the latest Nexus 4 Toolkit update V1.5.2.

You can download the Toolkit from the Nexus 4 Toolkit thread on XDA which you can find here, or to download the files directly you can jump over to this link and download the TAR files, they’ve included both the 4.2 – JOP40c and 4.2.1 – JOP40D files if you need them.

The reason behind Google’s decision to remove the files has been linked to the discovery of active Band 4 AWS LTE in the Nexus 4, which was neither listed in or tested when it passed through the FCC prior to its launch. With the removal of the files it’s widely expected that the files will be returned eventually minus the option to turn on the LTE Radio. Unfortunately we in Australia don’t have any LTE networks running on this band so we won’t be able to test it at all.

How often do you use the factory images from the Google Dev page to restore your Nexus?

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I just wish I could buy a Nexus 4, still waiting for Google to find some stock somewhere.

P.S Any chance of a podcast no.50 upload, I unfortunately missed the show and would like to catch it?

David Anderton

my frustration with Google’s Nexus 4 management is continuing… GOOGLE PLEASE DON’T BECOME APPLE!