SGS III Android 4.2.2
Samsung has so far had a pretty decent track record with keeping all their older models of the Galaxy S line up to date and it appears that the Galaxy S III is about to get some love. A very early pre-release Android 4.2.2 firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S III has surfaced and it includes many of the features found in the newly released Galaxy S4.

The Android 4.2.2(Build JDQ39) software brings a number of features to the Galaxy S III including a new lockscreen that includes widgets and updated ripple and lighting effects, driving mode, DayDream and much more.

While the firmware is very much an early release it appears to be working pretty well. Samsung is expected to have a final release version ready in June, which will obviously ship to carriers for testing before being released to phones although this particular firmware appears to be for the unlocked international Galaxy S III(GT-i9300)

SamMobile has done a run-down in the video below, they also have a link to the firmware and a pretty thorough inclusion of what’s included in the new software. Check it out on the SamMobile website.

Source: SamMobile.
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ratta tat

Just wondering.. you dont have to root your phone to install this firmware yeah??


Rolling out now for SGS2 over the air. Hope it doesn’t brick my phone 😉

Melissa Hooper

I hope this fixes the painfully slow charging on mains power issue both my phones suffer from. Charges like a dream via USB to laptop, but plug into mains and it takes hours and hours…..


Lol. I bet they released it so people can load it up themselves without waiting for the telcos to take their time


I think I’ll grab that (if it downloads for me – I’ve had issues) and give it a go.

Damon Lewis

I’m running it now and it’s pretty good (at least compared to the test 4.2.1 firmware I was using previously)