If you ever owned the HTC HD2 – one of the greatest phones of all time – you may remember Cotulla. Cotulla is the developer who created MAGLDR, the bootloader that enabled the use of a number of different operating systems on the phone, from Android to Windows 8 and even the tablet-optimised Windows RT.

While trawling through the XDA-developer forums, I noticed an interesting thread, titled ‘DFT-Cotulla’s Development Thread’. It turns out that Cotulla has bought himself an HTC One and has begun work on getting MAGLDR up and running on HTC’s flagship device. His target OS is currently Windows RT (rather than Windows Phone 8), likely due to the limited driver support in Windows Phone, but if you recall from the HD2 days, once you’ve got MAGLDR, there isn’t much you can’t do.

The post states that Cotulla’s development goals include

1)Oldschool WM61/65 port
2)Windows RT and/or Windows Phone 8
3)Own bootloader

We reported a few weeks ago that Microsoft had asked HTC to build a Windows Phone version of the HTC One, and it looks like they might get their wish, albeit unofficially. The technical aspects of the development are well beyond my ken, but as a custom ROM enthusiast, I’m excited for the possibilities that MAGLDR will bring to my favourite mobile devices.

Source: XDA-developers.
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Sean Royce

This guy is a programmer genius.