Android Oreo introduces 70 new emoji to Android thanks to changes from the Unicode Consortium. The changes of course bring about the death of the loveable blob emoji, so it’s time to get to know our new emoji.

While Android Oreo and the new emoji are now a fact of life for some Pixel and Nexus owners not everyone will see them – yet. Emojipedia has grabbed all the emoji into one convenient to see location so you can get a good look at the breastfeeding woman, the T-Rex and the mind-blown emoji.

Previous updates to Emoji required an OS level update, but Google has released the EmojiCompat library a layer which allows app developers to bring new libraries – like the new Emoji – into their apps, even on older versions of Android.

While it’s sad to see the blob emoji go, it’s time to look forward. As Emojipedia notes, There’s a more uniform look to the emoji on stock Android and iOS from here on out, hopefully leading to less confusion when communicating with emoji.

Are you all about the Blob emoji, or are you happy to see new graphics for your favourite?

Source: Emojipedia.
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    Craig Mitchell

    I’ll be happy if the smiling face, is just a smiling face. Not blushing, not grinning, just smiling.

    Maybe I’ll go back to this. 🙂

    Craig Mitchell

    I can’t even type “: – )” without it going to emoji these days. :-/