Swiftkey have released a new version of their massively popular stock keyboard replacement. To celebrate this, they’ve dropped the price to $1.99 for 1 week. If you follow the Ausdroid team on twitter, you’d know that a number of us use this as our default Keyboard and happily recommend it to our friends, family and loyal readers!

It’s a really smart design both from a visual and user perspective, the keyboard actually “learns” how you type by analyzing your facebook, twitter, sms and gmail (depending what you allow the app to access) and from my own past experiences it does work and it does save you time and a lot of keystrokes. For $1.99 what have you got to lose? Give it a go!

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    Reg Dengate

    Since moving from quite a few Palm phones to touch screen phones, I have bought and tried many keyboards. The frustration I felt with the change was made far easier with Swiftkey, and is now non existent. The new upgrade is a treat. Somehow I often add a “b” in betweenbwords, Swiftkey now separates the words for me as I type. Transitioning from SlideIt to Swiftkey will take a few days, but as Swiftkey learns your style from Facebook, SMS’s etc, it is really easy. Try it out for free first. (This si not an add, I seriously recomend Swoftkey)


    It would seem that the spelling check if you wrote that using it isn’t good at all.

    Gambit smith

    I have been using SlideIT, since…well.. forever… Has anyone made the chance over to SkiftKey from SlideIT.. how do they differ ??

    Myles Harris

    Love this keyboard. After being on iPhone for 5 years, SwiftKey on my HTC One X is bloody amazing. Can almost type with my eyes closed.


    Hey Phil, if it is so good why didn’t you put a hyper link on the name to it on the play store ?

    Phil Tann

    Clearly because I’m a dunce