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Foxconn’s vocal CEO has already begun touting Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 saying that it “will put Samsung’s Galaxy S III to shame” to a group of shareholders at a meeting. This obviously a confirmation of how “great” the iPhone 5 will be, considering it’s the Foxconn CEO’s job to sell the products they make as the best thing ever, especially to shareholders.

If rumours are correct, then Samsung won’t be all that fussed if the iPhone 5 surpasses the Galaxy S III in terms of stats and specs, because they’re expected to launch the Galaxy Note II around the same time to go up against the iPhone as a better alternative.

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You can download the Swype beta from their website, it’s far more accurate than the stock Samsung predictive keyboard as I’ve just found out after switching to it since using stock keyboard 3 weeks ago. Besides that I love my GS 3 🙂


I have a cheap LG from K-Mart, makes calls, sends messages and receives them very efficiently, What else is a phone for? You people amaze me arguing over the b/s hype driven phone companies, a phone is for calling people anything else is hype.

Chris Rowe

Stop buying Samsung branded gear. They ruin android (and their fantastic hardware) with all their BS software….buy Nexus branded gear and you are on the road to enlightenment.


..if anyone would know “shame”, it would be a Foxconn executive.


Just WOW. When did using a tablet to make calls and write short messages became convenient? I’m seriously disappointed in the current gen of Android phones, I really hope Apple and Nokia don’t follow Samsung in their arms race to make the biggest phone ever. Is Samsung really touting a tablet device as a direct competitor to a phone? Samsung is becoming just as bad as Apple. One is telling us how we should be using their devices and the other is telling us what devices we want to use. Bleh. I don’t want to use a tablet as a… Read more »


I would buy a tablet if I could use it as a phone.


A lot of people would use their iPads or Nexus 7 tablets as phones if they could.

Samsung’s devices have big screens, but you do NOT have to use Samsungs devices, that is one of the good things about Android, choice.

Apple restricts its users in nearly every single way they could.


After using the GS3 over the last few weeks Apple doesnt really need to do much to beat it. The GS3 has no where near enough ram and predictive text and typing on the default keyboard is absolutely hopeless (quickly fixed though, but technically youd have to buy a decent keybaord replacement from the app store) and of course the usual complaints people have about the cheap feel, pentile screen and so forth. Im finding all the people that praise it are the ones that dont have it. Most people I know with it arnt really so excited about it… Read more »


Sounds to me like you don’t have it and are simplying look for a bite … but each to their own. I have had it now for 2 weeks and it is a pretty awesome device. Very smooth, great features and brilliant display. The Standard Keyboard has predictive text and swipe included so I am not sure what your expectation is… “The usual complaints people have …” so you can’t come up with your own complaints? The Pentile technology is unnoticable unless you are using a microscope to view your screen, the device is far from a cheap feel –… Read more »


The predictive text on the standard keyboard is pretty aggressive and usually gets a words completely wrong. I never played too much with it and put on swiftkey after about 2 days. especially when it doesnt have any special characters to long press for i got frustrated with it. I agree its smooth and has a nice display but so do many phones. I listed the usual complaints because they are there when you are listing negatives of the phone. I dont have much issue with them myself and can live with them but to discount them completely is pretty… Read more »


I would like to firstly point out as a Spanish speaking person, I have never been so pleased to have a phone such as the S3. I do not know if you’ve tinkered enough with the settings but as far as I know and have seen with my own eyes, these so called ‘special characters’ pop up when I long press a certain key. Spanish has a lot of diacritics on the letters and I haven’t found a single problem with the Samsung keyboard showing these accented letter at all. Nowhere enough RAM you say? Mi amigo, ¿es ciego/a o… Read more »

Theo Clark

Re: Ram. It has 2 GB…so you’d hope it’s enough.

That being said, redrawing the home-screen is an Android problem. That is, was a problem up until Jellybean. It is ridiculous just how much better it has made my Nexus. Just wait with the GS3 and with any luck Samsung will roll it out and not screw it up.

SGS3 Owner

I agree I did feel shafted about the RAM.. 200MB free after you run a few things…
BUT i think they have adopted a new caching method thats really aggressive . Kinda makes sense to put things in RAM and not let it be empty.. only clearing it when a big app requests it.
I think you took the PC mentality .. “Ahh look I have 2 GB free.. fantastic”

The predictive texting is P@#% me off..

Other than that this phone is fantastic.. Only going to get better with 4.1

Brendan Hinds

Download an older version of Swype – search for (Swype_MULTILANG_ALLRES_v3.26.92.35406-signed.apk) and you’ll have an incredible, user friendly version that works perfectly on the GS3 (I have one)


Haha even the s2 shat on the 4 & the 4s…..at most the iphone 5 will be on par with the s3 if that!


I bet they are going to market the new iphone with 4G but then it’ll only support the frequencies used in the US and Canada XP


It’s like saying the GSIII put the iPhone 4 to shame. Comparing apples to old oranges.
Then again, it’s pretty typical Apple/Apple user mentality.


who cares? it’s still a rotten apple. Give me an android anyday-I hate the way the rotten apple corporation tries to use the court system to destroy their much better opposition.I will never buy an apple!

Milty C

Its nice too see Apple and its cohorts at the receive end of media hype and BS. The boot is now on the other foot isnt it.

Nick Bellios

Will he also be paying the 2 million dollars they’ve been sued for due to the ipad not being 4G as they claimed it to be? Why don’t they stick to filling fruit bowls..

Android all the way!


Ignore him.
He has a reputation for shooting his mouth off and he is not likely to put his money where his mouth is either.

Peter Graham

What another iphone running IOS6 .. no expandable memory, no removable battery and tied to itunes. No thanks.

I’m sure it will be a fast phone with a very polished feel .. but so is the galaxy s3 so unless they put an 8 core chip it in I can’t see how it will be any better.

cleaner boy

I totally agree