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Google Search, more commonly referred to as Google Now has received another update yesterday for users running Jelly Bean. Some of the updates such as the sports feature are firmly focused on the United States users. The update gains traction for those of us outside America when you start looking at the UI tweaks.

Where once was a settings button, there now sits an “i” which refers to information specific to that card you’re currently viewing. Tapping this will take you into the settings for that card, allowing you to select information that you do and do not wish to see such as sports teams you wish to follow, stocks you want to know real time prices on and information regarding travel times to places of interest to you.

The continual updates from Google show a strong commitment to users having information at their fingertips, grab the update from the play store link below.


How actively do you use Google Now? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Google Play Store.
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    Using it whilst traveling – automatically picks up that you’re away from home and adds a Currency card, Home time card, Attractions card and a translate card. Works really well and nicely integrates other Google services. The meeting location warning / travel time card is a great one too.


    I use it a fair bit for basic searching, number conversion, etc. As Sean said, a bit more focus on non-US sports would be nice.

    Sean Hatton

    No Sydney Swans though ๐Ÿ™