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Vodafone have confirmed in writing to Ausdroid a short time ago that the Jellybean update for the Samsung Galaxy SII has been approved for both the Vodafone and Three network devices and is now awaiting a release schedule from Samsung. While this is certainly good news for those of you still rocking the old Galaxy SII, there is no confirmed timeline for the OTA updates to start pushing out as yet.

Are you still rocking a Galaxy SII? Are you eager to get some Jellybean style in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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third world countries have updates way before us, its sickening it took so long and we pay so much for bad service.

Peter M

I’m going to assume these have the hopeless battery life of the other Samsung ROM’s from Sammobile.

I’ve tried all the 4.1.x stock ROMs and the battery life really does suck compared to ICS!

Shannon Lang

Probably has to do with the T variant handset (GT-I9100T) and the compatible modems to suit… Optus has already released Jellybean, but they’re using International Spec GT-I9100 handsets.

This will come in handy for people who use a T model handset that already have a custom JB ROM installed on their phone that just have modems suited for the GT-I9100 πŸ™‚


Any news of what Telstra is doing re this update?

Daniel Tyson

Last information from Telstra RE: JellyBean for the Galaxy S II is from the March 18th Handset update on their Crowd Support forum : http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Device-Updates/Handset-updates-18-March/td-p/139976

Expected customer availability date :

Status :
Update received and in test.

Michael Dunlop

Thanks Daniel


Thanks Daniel

Michael Dunlop

Hi Daniel,
Has the update been delayed?

Daniel Tyson

The update for the Telstra SGS II hasn’t been approved as yet. The last update from the Telstra updates team was the 18th of March, I’ve asked Telstra if there was any updates that should be approved now. I`ll update as soon as I hear anything.

Michael Dunlop

Thanks again,


I updated my Vodafone S2 myself with a download from Sammobile some time ago. Well worth doing.

Sean Royce

Finally. Only took a year. Carriers are horrible. They slow everything down!

Chris Spencer

My mum has one.. She’ll be stoked also!


My mum is and boy, is this good news!