Swiftkey, makers of the uber popular third party keyboard for Android (and now iOS) has launched a new idea incubator over night called ‘Greenhouse’. The first idea to emerge from Greenhouse is a new keyboard – shock! – called Clarity Keyboard Beta.

Greenhouse is Swiftkey’s way to try out new ideas, but like all new ideas, they need to be tried out to see if they work or should be killed off to avoid wasting valuable resources. The ideas are being shown off on the Greenhouse website which all users are welcome to check out – and join in testing, at least one idea which they’ve launched: Clarity Keyboard Beta.

Clarity Keyboard Beta is a bare-bones keyboard, which takes away some of the bells and whistles which have pervaded the main Swiftkey keyboard. That’s not to say that there aren’t some features included in the keyboard, because there are and it seems like it’s basically what Swiftkey was a couple of years ago, with some basic keyboard and auto-correct functions. The features include :

  • Multi-word autocorrect – checks the last few words you’ve typed and retrospectively corrects them
  • No more ‘damn-you-autocorrect’ – quickly undo any autocorrections and restore exactly what you typed by tapping backspace
  • Always learning – automatically learns your slang, nicknames and phrases

Swiftkey intends this release to get into as wide an audience as possible and they’re looking for feedback – hence the wide beta release. You can give feedback quite easily from the keybaord

To check out Clarity Keyboard Beta, you’ll have to head over to the Google Play Store and install it – and make sure you check out the Swiftkey Greenhouse website to read up on all the great stuff they’re doing.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁