Shazam and Google
On the back of the announcement of wider ‘Ok Google’ integration today, Shazam has expanded on their inclusion as one of the first third-party Android apps to include the function.

Android users who want to find out the name of a song or artist without the need to find the Shazam app within the smartphone can now simply ask their smartphones to “Shazam” from the Google search bar – this includes the utility to have it activated for users who have enabled ‘Ok Google’ from any screen.

As part of this latest Google-Shazam partnership, Android will recognise ‘Shazam’ as a command within the Android operating system so when users simply ask their devices to “Shazam,” “recognise,” or “name” a “song,” “track,” or “tune,” the Shazam app will launch directly from the Android operating system allowing users to save the song in their playlist to listen to later on.

Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer, Shazam has said that

At Shazam, we’re aiming to make it as easy as possible to connect with the world around you,. The only thing easier than tapping a button is not having to tap a button at all. Using Shazam with Google voice actions changes the game by making this process literally hands free, so people can identify and enjoy great music no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

This expansion of their partnership is adding to a number of integrations both companies have brought to users recently such as the inclusion of Shazam to Google Now cards. The company has stated that users will also continue to enjoy other Shazam features including access to song lyrics and music videos right from the app as usual.

To begin using the feature, you will require the Shazam app installed on your phone, so head on over to Google Play and make sure it’s up to date.

Shazam Encore
Shazam Encore

Shazam: Music Discovery
Shazam: Music Discovery
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Source: Shazam Newsroom.