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Google Maps is on most Android phones by default, so it’s the default mapping and navigation system of choice. Normally, as a machine, Google Maps is quite complacent and happy to answer questions via voice-command about the journey – but it seems that just like your parents on a long car journey, Google Maps doesn’t appreciate repeated distractions.

Are We There Yet

If you load Google Maps, enter a destination and enter Navigation Mode, you can then see a voice prompt icon (the microphone). When you tap the mic icon, you can then issue voice commands for things like “What’s my next turn?”, “Turn on Traffic” and a whole lot more.
Once you tap that Mic Icon and ask “Are we there yet” you’ll initially get a nice pat description of how long in your journey you have to go. If you ask this too regularly – Google says four times in rapid succession – Google Maps brings the sass, by telling you on the fourth try that:

If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream.

To enable the update, make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps loaded on your device and try it out on your next road trip.

Google Maps
Google Maps
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: +Google Maps.
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    Dennis Bareis

    I was hoping it was Melbourne public transport, would have prefered that 🙁