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Google adds new features to My Business profiles to better recognise and brand businesses

Google has greatly expanded its offerings for businesses on their platform in the list few years. It seems that even the most obscure local businesses have detailed information about them presented in search and Maps. The company is launching new features for those profiles to help connect businesses with customers. …

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Google Maps will now show details of hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding; navigate you away from affected areas

It was only yesterday morning I wrote that Google’s always looking to make products more useful and helpful; today they’ve added detailed information about floods, hurricanes and earthquakes to Maps in an effort to help keep users safe. Detailed by Hannah Stulberg, Google Maps’ Product Manager on the company’s Keyword …

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Police can use Google Maps location data to identify suspects and witnesses .. with a court order

Look, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise; if you allow Google to record your location history, there’s half a chance that it could be produced to a 3rd party with a court order, and that includes law enforcement. The feature is quite useful for individuals – allowing you to …

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Google is allowing some users to create public events in Maps — Australian users included

Google Maps has grown to become way more than just maps. It’s also the place you can share your location with family and friends, contribute photos and reviews to local businesses and attractions and many other Local-Guide-related things. Today, Android Police reports that Google is now adding the ability for …

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