With Google having a habit of killing off products, it’s nice to see them half-revive something we used to find very useful, Google Trips. While the Trips app and website remain as dead as a dodo, Google is at least bringing your trip history into a new Trips tab in the Timeline view in the Google Maps app.

While upcoming trips can be found in the saved tab at the bottom of the main Maps UI on mobile, the only place to see your travel history was www.google.com/travel/ — now it’s inside the Your Timeline menu in settings.

Simply tap on your profile pic, hit Your Timeline and if you’ve gotten the update you’ll see a new tab in the Timeline called Trips. From there you’ll be able to walk down trips past, from way back when we could actually leave our houses. Now all Google needs to do is bring back the trips auto category from Inbox into Google Maps and my heart will be a little less jaded.