Link Bubble
After being sold earlier this month by developer Chris Lacey to an unknown startup based in the US, Link Bubble has updated this morning with an announcement that their Pro features are now free for everyone.

The update has removed the free/pro versions of Link Bubble, with a single entry for the app now available under the developer name ‘Link Bubble‘ in Google Play. The other app Chris sold with Link Bubble, Tap Path, is also available under the Link Bubble banner, though still carries a $0.99 cost.

At $4.99, Link Bubble wasn’t a cheap purchase when it was released back in March last year, but it was worth it. The app is now free, as are all those premium features and as a gesture of good will from the new owners, anyone who purchased the app after they acquired it (August 4th FYI) can get a refund – Simply contact [email protected] with your transaction ID.

So, what do you get in the standard version of Link Bubble that you didn’t get previously?

  • An infinite number of bubbles (tabs)
  • Themes base on website color
  • Article mode
  • Article mode for Android wear

The new owner is apparently an Windsor, Ontario, Canada based ex-Mozilla and current Khan Academy developer by the name of Brian Bondy – at least according to his About Page. There’s no information on the Link Bubble company available as of yet, but they do have plans for the app, including ‘better performance, bug fixes, and customer satisfaction/support. Next, we will work on additional web browsing and navigation features’.

We love Link Bubble and look forward to seeing what comes next under new management. Check it out now on Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Play.
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    I’m quite impressed even though I was slow to pick up on this nifty app. Performance updates would be great as it seems to be quite laggy on my HTC One M7!


    Since the takeover this app has improved markedly. I am not even annoyed that I once paid for the Pro version of this app because so many bugs have been squashed since that I can now use it again!