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Google has already launched a number of new tools and apps for Google Play this morning to help before launching your app, but what about once it’s ready to launch? Google has created a new app that is all about helping you grow your app and monetise it using best practices.

The app is currently a beta, so you’ll have to request access to it before you can download it through Google Play. The app includes links to the best practices and more that Google has put together. Google describes it as:

Staying on top of all the features and best practices and strategies you should consider when growing your business can be a challenge. We’ve built another app, the Playbook by Google Play. The Playbook is a tailored list, based on your objectives, of the latest articles and videos from Google experts and across the web to help you grow a successful business on Google Play. Join the Playbook beta today and let us know your feedback.

The tools they seem to be using have been available as e-Books, or at least some of them have been, but this puts them all in one place and it’s easy to carry around.

The app is live, but once you sign up for the beta it will take a while for the Play Store to recognise you’re interested in the Beta and show as available to download. You can head over to this link and sign up for the beta test now, then check it out later today.

Source: Google Play.