Google Home isn’t officially available in Australia as yet, but it looks like we’ll have a great setup when it does finally launch. Google is adding another music streaming service to the device, allowing users another choice for music.

The announcement of Google Home integration for iHeartRadio actually came earlier this year during CES. The actual implementation has taken until now with Google updating their support page to show iHeartRadio as supported – though from our testing it doesn’t seem to be live as yet.

So, what can you do with iHeartRadio on Google Home when it goes live? The original announcement lists:

Google Home: Listen to iHeartRadio on Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Coming soon to Google Home, playing iHeartRadio will be as easy as saying “Ok Google” followed by your favorite radio station or artist, giving users access to thousands of iHeartRadio’s live radio stations and millions of songs, with podcast functionality coming soon.

We’re all for choice here at Ausdroid so another service being added to Google Home is okay by us, and given there’s a wide number of Australian Radio stations streaming on iHeartRadio this could be great.

Source: Google Support.