There are a lot of task management apps available in the current era. In total honesty, they really do mostly the same things and it comes as a matter of preference in which you use. At Ausdroid we use Todoist so the option to use Google Assistant to create, maintain and complete tasks is pretty enticing.

Previously the Assistant option as functional but pretty clunky, in fact, it was fairly clumsy. The new option is triggered by asking Assistant to speak to Todoist. You can then ask just about anything with priorities, tags and even in specific projects:

  • What’s due today?
  • Add a task – Pick up milk today/4pm
  • Complete the task “Pick up milk today
  • You can even ask what tasks exist in a specific project

For users of Android Auto, this works exceptionally well and — if you’re like me — makes it very useful when ideas come to you while you’re driving. If you’re using the feature on a Nest hub, there are also some simple touch controls. It’s not perfect, but its definitely come a very long way from the first iteration and is now quite functional.

What apps do you heavily use that you’d like integrated with Google Assistant?

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John Phillips

The “To Do” app from Google is pretty disgraceful, very poorly implemented.