Over the last couple of weeks, there’s been a bit of concern about the privacy policy that Eufy has. Specifically, the use of a cloud interface to push notifications to users. This means that despite the — before alteration — privacy policy stating the video is “local only”, it’s routed through a cloud interface and could be intercepted.

That documentation has now been altered and, in a forum post, the company has acknowledged the claims:

Several claims have been made against eufy Security over the last couple of weeks. We know the need for more straightforward and timely communications on these issues has frustrated many customers. However, we have been using the last few weeks to research these possible threats and gather all the facts before publicly addressing these claims.

Eufy floodlight cam

With specific regard to claims that eufy Security Uses the Cloud to Send Users Mobile Push Notifications, the post acknowledges this directly and provides some further clarity:

This is true. As mentioned earlier, eufy Security is committed to reducing the use of the cloud in our security processes wherever possible. However, some processes today still require us to use our secure AWS server.

For example, in the case of security push notifications – when the user has chosen to include a thumbnail with that security notification – a small preview image of the security event is sent to our secure AWS server and then pushed to the user’s phone. This image is protected through end-to-end encryption and is deleted shortly after the push notification has been sent. This process also complies with all industry standards.

We have updated the eufy Security app with a more detailed explanation of the different push notification options and which options require using our secure AWS server. This will help our users make a more informed decision.

The issue hasn’t affected me personally as I don’t have eufy cameras. Still, this type of issue, and the one eufy suffered last year, are just two of the reasons I choose not to run security cameras inside my home, and unless in use, web cameras are either covered or unplugged.

Do security issues affect your buying decision, or are you accepting of potential issues with any connected device?