Telstra has just announced a first for Australia, they are offering a new way for their customers to purchase Google Play content including apps, games, movies, magazines and books. From today Telstra customers can purchase all this content by charging them to their Telstra mobile bill up to a value of $20 per transaction with a monthly limit of $100 which can be changed by calling Telstra, this also includes Telstra Pre-Paid customers provided of course they have the credit available.

As part of the launch Google and Telstra have teamed up to offer a range of popular games and apps at half price. The promotion runs until the 25th of December :

To enable the purchase using your Telstra Mobile bill, Customers simply:

  1. Choose the app, book, magazine, movie or game theyβ€Ÿd like to purchase.
  2. Click ‘Accept and Buy’.
  3. Select ‘Bill my Telstra account’.
  4. Click ‘Accept and Buy’.

As an Optus customer I can see a link to this sale in the Play store app and they show the 50% discount as well so Telstra customers are not the only ones benefitting from this sale.

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Telstra should lift limit per item purchase limit above $20.

Follow and kudos this crowdsupport article so Telstra hopefully pay attention!


I buy $30 dollars worth of credit and now I can spend it all every month on apps, basically we are just paying for google play credit.

Hany Khoury

I just tried this with my Telstra Pre-Paid account and was told it was not eligible. Can’t see how they would have allowed purchases with Pre-Paid credit anyway. You would essentially be getting the app for free in a way.


I like this idea! Esp seeing my bank keeps charging my International Conversion fees from Google Play purchases. They are only 1-2c but when they have all the sales my C/C statement looks god damn awful!

Nick Fletcher

hmm it works for my business account too. I wonder how many companies will be paying for their employees’ apps without realising.


Nice. Just tried it and it works nicely. Finally a use for all the excess credit πŸ™‚

vijay alapati

I’m not sure if u can use the Credit for app purchase (But i wish).


Ah, lol, I didn’t mean that. I top up $30 a month and never use any of it, only the credit I get from the plan. This means I can use the extra $30 on basically free play store goods πŸ™‚


Hardly free. You’re still paying for it in a way.


True, but normally my credit would just expire. I’m paying $30 to get 400MB of data and $200 of calls/texts. The fact that I also now have $30 to spend on Play ‘things’ is a bonus.

Marty D

That is kinda good. Especially for younger guys that may not have access to credit cards etc. Also that is works for prepaid double bonus. Glad to see the number 1 carrier getting on board. Lets hope Optus will follow suit.