If you’re not a fan of cheap, stupid, resistive touchscreens, stop reading now!

Now for everyone that loves a cheap Android phone with a screen that will ruin your experience, you’re going to love the LG Optimus. It features a measly 3″ TFT Resistive display with 256k colours, 3.15MP Camera, VGA Video & Android 1.6. All powered by a processor that’s most likely clocked at 528MHz.

Telstra is aiming this device to teenagers who want a smartphone at a cheap price, so they can annoy each other on Facebook 24/7. So if you have a teenager (myself not included), stick this on the Christmas list disregard it, by all means.

All jokes aside, the LG Optimus isn’t the greatest device, but by all means go to your local [T]Life store and check it out if you’re after a cheap ($504) smartphone 🙂

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Harvey Brazen

My lovely new LG Cookie no longer appears to be as interesting due to the fact another person looks to were able to hack into my mobile phone and entry the net although I’m asleep. I purchased it in the O2 shop and have an O2 sim card. O2 are certainly not whatsoever valuable but over £42 worth of credit has been sucked out of my pre-paid account. Any tips about where I can discover out how to solve this issue?


Really? I didn’t think it was all that bad, the skin is made to look like LGs however i only played with it for 5-10 mins. It seems as though it’s targeted at the people who have purchased Vietwy’s, Renoir’s, Cookie’s etc etc


Ive played with an Optimus and its not bad if priced correctly. The resistive screen is very responsive and the LG skin is very unobtrusive.

Pepe Le Pew

Sounds like Telstra pricing ‘strategy’ to me. I’m hearing it is going to other networks and will be much cheaper. Not everyone can afford these super specced phones, so it looks okay to me – especially for those who just want to download games and fun apps to kill time. It looks ok to me Buzz. Better than the cheap Moto alternatives I’ve seen pics of other colours of this phone elsewhere – any idea if they are coming to australia? I reckon this would be a good xmas present, especially if it gets to pre-paid….. bring on android pre-paid…… Read more »


I agree and dis-agree to the 2 above comments. This particular phone is designed to be cheap, but has priced itself out of the “cheap” market. $500 for a resistive 3mp android handset isn’t cheap, it’s over priced. X10 mini is $450 and packs a capacitive screen, 5mp camera with a 600mhz processor and can be had for $350 on Optus pre-paid. Now that phone is a great entry level handset for Android in this country. However if the rumoured price of the Galaxy S is true that will definitely bury handsets like the Optimus and make manufacturers start to… Read more »

Marné Prinsloo

This phone is too expensive for that specs! Even the Xperia X8 is cheaper for a better spec! Btw, I have to agree with the above post about your non-neutral comment of the phone. Not just this phone, but also some other ‘cheap’ phones. Buzz, you failed to embrace the facts that these ‘cheap’ or ‘teenage’ Android phones also play an important role in expanding the market of Android thus increasing the market’s awareness of Android. Don’t we all wish that the Aussie market react more to Android phones to see more supports such as local apps? Let’s not focus… Read more »


Hey there Buzz… Just a little critique, which you, of course, can completely ignore, this being your site and all. But, if you want to start being taken seriously, and perhaps really become one of, if not THE go-to place for all android news in Australia, then I think you need to brush up on how you write your posts. Yes, this phone is not a pretty proposition, the resistive screen is an INSTANT killer, but writing stuff like “cheap, stupid, resistive touchscreens” is an instant way to be written off by any company looking to this site for advertising… Read more »


Even the X10 mini blows that out of the water for both specs and price.


HTC Legend through Vodafone – $549-$599 MUCH better phone
CPU: 600MHz
Andriod 2.1 (Eclair) with HTC Sense
512 MB ROM and 384 MB RAM
3.2inch AMOLED tough sensitive screen
5megapixel camera with auto focus and flash.