APCMag to the rescue! Dell has confirmed with them that they are searching for a Carrier to carry the Dell Streak. Dell said that a Carrier deal would be their “first port of call”, after rumours of them demonstrating it to Carriers.

The 5″ Tablet-Phone is a midway point between both of those things, It’s large enough to be called a Tablet, yet still able to make & receive calls, which could be just the sweet spot Carriers want.

Supporting 850/900/2100MHz UMTS it can be used on every 3G network in the country which makes sense for a Carrier to score an exclusivity deal and sell it outright for use on all networks. In terms of Android versions, it runs 1.6 currently, but Dell didn’t rule out an upgrade to Froyo saying, “We will most likely skip ‘Eclair’ (Android 2.0/2.1) and move straight to ‘Froyo’ when that’s available”.

[Via: APCMag]

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Im interested in this. if it comes out at a good price point and with 3 or voda i think i might go for it. really good battery life and looks very nice. as long as i can see it first and see how it sits in my pocket i cant see y i wouldn’t like it