There is nothing I love more than a Carrier laying down the facts, and Vodafone does this well. Today they confirmed they are getting the Nexus One, with more news to come by the end of the week.

Launching it soon would certainly kill off sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, if Voda really market it as the “Google Phone”. Optus, beware.

Good news to everyone wanting to wait for the Nexus One. My guess is that it will launch on a pretty hefty plan ($79) but will come loaded Android 2.2. What are your thoughts, and will you be getting one?

Update: The Nexus One has popped up into Vodafones list of devices that are “allowed by them” onto their network..

[Thanks: brentos1236]

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looks like its been there for a few weeks now, revision date of the list is the 3rd of June


any news yet?


Nice, was referring to the “more info at the end of the week” post, but yea seems like it’s close.


Hmmm, did this get removed from their twitter page? Maybe not this week as supposed.


I was hanging out for the Nexus One on Vodafone, i have an iPhone 3GS with Vodafone now and use it as a modem for my internet at home and i get awesome speeds and having an Android phone would allow me to use the phone as a wifi hotspot rather then tethering all the time. BUT with some many high end Android handsets coming out the Nexus One is looking a bit dated. Droid X was officially announced today and looks killer (spewing its only CDMA at this stage) and again with the EVO and the Incredible, something of… Read more ยป


the galaxy s. 4inch super AMOLED front facing cam humming bird cpu (which they say runs better than the snapdragon in the GPU part)
an i agree that the nexus seems dated but i like that it vanilla android and get updated first


I’m with you Harvs, I prefer the vanilla Andoird experience as well, the major downfall for me with the Galaxy S is that there is no flash on the camera.


Hmmm, was gonna pick up a Legend this week but now might wait a few days to see how this offer will look.


hmmmm this, the galaxy s or the dell streak?


and then maybe the legend will go down 10 bucks


Sweeeet, i reckon $49 cap with 10 buck handset repayments


Finally. So now that it is officially released here, Google will switch on the SatNav for Australia. I hope that the Vodafone plans will be fair when it comes to data usage.


You can get Navigation here already, Just install Brut Maps, you can get it off XDA its only the normal Google Maps application modified to allow Navigation anywhere

I use it myself and can confirm Navigation works perfectly in Australia

Peter Graham

To bad its on vodafone .. crap coverage.


Honestly Vodafone is pretty good. They are not Telstra speeds or coverage but it sure beats Optus’s dodgy 3G network


They are getting better. They got the 900mhz network for rural places. Only time will tell

John Boxall

Excellent news, the more Android phones the better market competition will be. Personally I will wait 30~45 days after the Vodafone release, the price per month may drop after that time frame, and can gather other peoples’ experiences first before making a commitment.