So this story has gone from a ‘might‘ to a ‘coming soon’ which is good news for peeps after a simple low-end smartphone on Telstra Prepaid. The Galaxy 5 i5503T is expected to hit Telstra on the 16th of October and retail for around $199, which isn’t always the case, just look at the Wildfire.

The Galaxy 5 has a 2.8″ QVGA (why?!) capacitive display, 2MP camera, 600MHz CPU, 3G (850/2100MHz), WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, FM Radio and 90MB of internal memory to install a few apps with. Not too bad given the price, but there will be a lot of competition in this space very soon with a imminent release of the Huawei IDEOS.

Thanks once again to our trust Telstra connect 🙂

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Yes the screen sucks, but the lower resolution lets them get away with a slower processor and depending on the battery, better battery life (and coming from a galaxy s user, that would be pleasing). Touch wiz annoys me, but it does bring with it an interface that people can use, it just rips off the iphone big time. And it’s not that long ago that the thought of a smart phone with wifi and 3g at the 200 price range brought only one device to mind, so good on them for making more choice available. I’ll be interested to… Read more »


I would go anywhere other then telstra, They rob your money sideways. they have got to be the worst phone company and they can do it because of their power.


ew telstra


If you are talking to me then not a lot as it is another $50+ more than the wildfire (on prepaid) for example.


Have you considered The Millennius Apanda A60 Phone?

Looks pretty good for the price and features.


I have been thinking about getting a HTC Wildfire on prepaid as an entry phone but this and possible the Huawei IDEOS make me want to wait a while and see which is best value and features.


It’s good to see phones like this. Caters for the lower end of the market and allows people to get into “Android” before upgrading to the “power phones”. I am like that, I am aiming to get my first Android phone but I am in the middle of my contract. Seeing this phone may allow me to get into it earlier while waiting for the HTC Desire HD (or whatever they are calling it these days!).

I only hope it gets OTA updates and it is not buggy and laggy that it ruins my experiences with it.


Look at that, crappy specs to get a real low price for you.
Doesnt matter what brand you are, they can all bring out $100 phones and imagine if this phone had Millennius written on it? You guys would bag the hell of out of it. I think Im happy that i spent the extra for a pretty well spec phone to millennius.

Stuff these big brand crap, they have conned us for years on expensive stuff now they try to compete with price by reducing specs. I have been a victim of this also.