No, you’re not seeing things or dreaming, that is actually an Xperia X10 running the elusive Android 2.1. The video, which can be seen after the break, shows the X10 with an all new Launcher with Live Wallpapers included, they also check out the App Drawer and play with the Camera. Although it’s Android 2.1 and hardware acceleration should be speeding up the system, it doesn’t appear to be running all that fluidly, but hey it’s a pre-release version of the software. Hit the break to check out the video.

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@DanXtreme If your look at the samsung and millennius phone, they have multi touch if thats what your after


i mean will x10 ever be able to have multi touch even if you upgrade it is it a ahrdware problem or something


Software and hardware, it wont have multi-touch


there’s another video here that shows it with 2.1 seems faster but probably cause it has no live wallpapers


will the update give the x10 multitouch just wondering if u can do anything for it to get multitouch


From what I’ve seen on android defect tracker, OS UI doesn’t utilise hardware acceleration even if its available.


About time it is coming out buzz do you have a date for australian release date?


Lol, cant even understand what that guy is saying. Who is that?

So guys, doesnt look like all big brands are crash hot are they? But you insist on saying that they are better phones even though it isnt.

Number of people are now saying that the Millennius Apanda is better then the Xperia X10