I think it’s about time the rumour mill got started on the news about Android Gingerbread (3.0, or whatever number they plan to give it). Details released by Phandroid yesterday suggest that there a few new graphical tweaks coming to Android as well as some new core features such as video calling as well as VoIP integration.

The UI tweaks include:

  • Smoother kinetic scrolling
  • ‘Bounce-back’ scrolling like on Sense UI, TouchWiz, iOS
  • More use of the colour green.
  • Icons in notifications bar look more in unison
  • Sharper looking icons all round

If you can also remember back a handful of months ago, Google announced that a Music Store would be launched alongside Android 3.0, so that’s something else we have to look forward to. You can find the worlds worst/blurriest picture of what is meant to be a Nexus One running Gingerbread.

Source: Phandroid.
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Can this be twice as good as Windows Linux? Probably not far. Hoping they load it up and leave the grease on the bottom.


Eye candy is dandy but I’m more about the functionality, and here there’s some long overdue. How’s about they fix the damn MMS resizing bug that’s been there for ages and ages in their own Nexus One? Really, this is a poor showing from Google, when modders have to clean up their sloppy code. I bought a Nexus One, expecting it’d live up to the hype. It nearly did. Except for one thing. Getting a phone shipped with MMS broken and the user having to source a third party app to make it work sucks! I use that feature all… Read more »


i can blured out my samsung galaxy s and say i have froyo on it how would you no its true !!!!!!!

Sam K

If it doesn’t have gapless playback I am going to cave-in and buy an iPhone. >:(


I guess there’s a move to using more green because the human eye sees more shades of green than shades of any other colour.
If the pic is true, stock Android has caved-in to SenseUI’s dark notification bar, which may play havok with Apps that detect the launcher in use and provide a darker or lighter notification icon accordingly.


Don’t get me wrong I do like the fact 3.0 isn’t far off but I would be happier if Telstra got off their arse and released froyo!!!


ooo yes, come on 3.0

mo buksh

This does not seem like a genuine gingerbread leak.

Unless everyone has been greatly misled, most people have been expecting a strong level of interface enhancement. There have been claims that this is just a mod. Either way, this seems strangely lacking in any serious enhancements. And why is it that the only image that anyone could provide is so blurry?

Seems like someone creating a story at Phandroid.


Ok, I hate photos like that… I reckon there must be a single spy responsible for these damn images who’s bow-tie-spy-camera is from the late eighties. Upgrade your CAMERA! or at least wipe your friggin lens! … *sigh*


I hope it will get to the lg optimus one…….. B