The Galaxy Tab isn’t going to be released here by carriers for another month or so, and at prices as high as $999 outright and more than likely subsidised on high-flying caps & plans. But if you’re in the market to get your hands on one now, they’re now available from MobiCity with more and more stock arriving each week to supply demand. Their price is $10 lower than the $999 to be asked by the carriers but also gives you the all important bragging rights amongst friends, and isn’t that what it’s all about? 😉

If you’re still on the edge about the Galaxy Tab, we’ll be reviewing one for you very soon, to hopefully help make up your mind. It’s a lot of money to fork out, and no doubt a decision that needs some thought.

Source: MobiCity.
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eh i think il stick to the millennius smartq tablet


I want to see the Notion Ink Adam before I decide yay or nay on this!


you could be waiting forever


Already pre-ordered mine. Should have it by the end of the week!!!


Got it!

It’s AWESOME! Can’t wait for custom ROMs ^_^


Before I pull the trigger, is this the Australian version? Imported a milestone and was bugged by the pound key and UK localised search results.

Was planning on picking one of these up outright anyway, if its the official aussie version I might as well grab it now.


Thanks Buzz, I’ll try to keep my buying impulse in check until I see your review. Try and probably fail 🙁


Arrgh the impulse is strong! Do you think I’d be able to re-flash to the Aussie firmware when it comes out?


Well that tore it, Tab has been ordered. Now to furiously attempt to forget about it for the next week. 😛


It’s some kind of Middle-Eastern import, it comes with all these non-uninstallable Muslim apps (Quran etc), and doesn’t have Android Market (has SlideME Marketplace instead, which only has a couple 1000 apps on it). Going to try putting an Aussie ROM on it.


BTW don’t worry, the whole interface is in English! 🙂 The only problems I have are lack of Android Market & perma-installed Muslim apps.


Keen to get your thoughts when you review it Buzz as it’s top of my Christmas shortlist. Actually, it’s a list of one.

Looking fwd to sitting next to some of my ipad-wielding friends and showing them what the full, unrestricted web & native 16:9 video looks like on a tablet that I can hold in 1 hand easily without straining my wrist.


I’ll wait for a non-3G/Wifi only version.

I’ll buy it outright then as well…. something around $750 tops.


Regular Price: $1,499.00

oh really?