Android Community have uncovered what appears to be an all new Music Streaming feature built straight into Android. AC says that this feature is for Android 2.4 or 3.0, we’re more inclined to say 2.4 at this point, because that screenshot resembles Gingerbread perfectly and 2.4 is expected to be an incremental update to Android 2.3.

No one currently knows where the music will be streamed from, whether it be your own collections somewhere or Google moving to make its own Music Store. Either way, we’re pretty excited about it! When we hear more we’ll let you know.

Update: Here’s Google using this feature at Google IO back in March

Source: Android Community.
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Isn’t this exactly what they showed ages ago that they were going to bring after Froyo?


Nice..hopefully our Aussie carriers will get there ass into gear and get us ALL off FROYO
Otherwise I consider this as a tease.,lolz