Today seems to be the Legend’s 15 minutes of fame. We have received some anonymous information suggesting that VHA is launching the HTC Legend in black for both Vodafone and Three. It is due to be available this week. It was announced for Vodafone in Europe in October, so it makes sense for it to come here.

It will ship with Froyo pre-loaded, so no OTA or download of updates to get the frozen desert. Pricing is set to be the same as the current silver variant. Hit the break for the prepaid info.

Also along with todays news. The silver Legend is coming to Vodafone pre-paid. Launching at $349, this is for Vodafone only and is due to be available this week also. Three will not be getting the Legend on pre-paid, sorry Three customers.

Look out for it at your local VHA dealer soon. If anyone sees one black beauty in the wild, hit us up.

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Hi there, I got a black legend, loaded with a lot vodafone app. just wonder, is the official rom suitable for this black one? is someone possible to throw a rom to me? I cannot download it from official website. because the sn not match.


any word on a black version of this phone anywhere? my local doesn’t have it


well, i had one and feel if you have big fingers, be prepare to strugle when typing 🙂 screen is smaller (not much) than iphone. as all android, it has way too many buttons (compare with iphone)


I saw it on sale at the listed price at Manly Vodafone, Sunday, 16 January.

It appears that HTC stalled on the 2.2 Froyo update for existing Legend owners until this Legend offer was released. If so, this is shitty! European Legend owners received 2.2 last October.

I think it would be fair to say that the Legend successor is just around the corner.


mwc was when the legend was announced, it would be very safe to say that this device will go end of life and a sucssor will emerge at mwc, perhaps with a msm 7320.


It would be great if they had a similar design, its a nice looking phone.


HTC Champion, perhaps?

Lucas Burnett



What is the screen resolution?
No info on the official site.


I have the silver one, and love it, but this black one looks AWESOME!

Too bad I won’t be getting it (since I already have the silver!)


Is $349 a good price for this device?

Buzz Moody

MobiCity are selling it for $449 unlocked. So yeah, it’s not too bad.

Lucas Burnett

Legend over the Optimus One for me any day


Looks awesome, but i think i’d rather have the Optimus One for 280


I’d agree, but Optimus One is only on prepaid at Crazy Johns – so inaccessible to most customers.




Actually, the LG Optimus One is unlocked.