Update: We have recieved an email, stating that the 2.2 update for Vodafone’s Legend is already available as a download, from the HTC website and that the OTA will be in the coming weeks.

If you’re a Vodafone customer with a Legend and have been hanging out for Froyo, your wait is almost over. We reported about a month ago, that HTC had updated their Facebook page with the news it would start to roll out in the coming weeks. Now according to Vodafone’s Twitter feed, Froyo should be available for Legend owners within the next 4 weeks. If the time frame is correct, it’s a little late, but late is definitely better then never.

Source: Vodafone.
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Ibby Ulleh

already upgraded my htc legend off of htc.com working like a charm beautifully !!!!!!!!!!!


Will this upgrade work on other carriers such optus or three etc?
So it work on no branding legend phone?
Any answer would help.


Thanks Mark! So that was a three phone originally?



Upgraded with the Legend(Vodafone)ROM from HTC site. Noticed the Who2Call app install too and the home page changed to vodafone.com.au, nothing else different.

No major bugs found as yet, all seems to run smoothly.

The things I like are:

-Live wallpapers;
-Youtube update (but miss the fast forward/backward buttons);
-Gmail update;
-Hotspot; and

I didn’t like having to download all the apps again and setting up the phone after the update. But it wasn’t a huge drama.

I will let you know if I experience any issues.


@Scubafinch my mistake it is my wife’s phone and I was assuming it was like my Three Desire HD.

@Mark and Adreas assume that was a Vodafone version that each of you upgraded?

Andreas Koepke

There is no branding but the Who2Call app comes pre-installed which wasn’t part of the firmware before (but could be downloaded from the market)


Can anyone confirm no bugs with the upgrade (on a Vodafone Legend)? Cheers!


I installed mine yesterday, works great and no branding as far as I can find.


Waiting on 2.2 for a Three HTC Legend as well. Interesting you mention the bloatware Brad… no Three branding whatsover on this Legend. The only thing remotely Three-i-fied was the browser home page. I was pleasantly surprised!


I think they are different because of the branding and bloatware.


Anybody heard when the update might be available for 3 versions of the Legend?

Buzz Moody

Here I was thinking they were the same. If this update doesn’t apply to the Three version, it should be out shortly.

Buzz Moody

Pushed out OTA same time as Voda maybe?

Lucas Burnett

Post has been updated mate from your email, cheers

Andreas Koepke

It can be downloaded from HTC right now. I installed it on my Legend yesterday!