With LG‘s latest Android handset, the Optimus 2X, really starting to gain momentum. With the recent 1080p video demo and now more news to wet the appetite, in the form of release dates and pricing. The fine folks at Gizmodo were able to squeeze some info out of LG’s General Manager of Mobile, Nathan Dunn.

Dunn told Gizmodo that LG plan to have the Optimus 2X top hit our shores around late March or early April and are looking towards a $79 to $99 cap price point. With the Tegra 2 powerhouse likely to either have a one or two carrier exclusivity arrangement.

What do you think? decent pricing? Let us know.

Source: Gizmodo.
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Wow… This is great! I can say that this is the first time I visited the site and I found out that this blog is interesting to read. Thanks for this awesome monitor.


All these new phones look great but I am seriously disinterested in all the custom UI’s from the various manufacturers.

If I could get this phone or the Atrix with stock Android I would have one in a heartbeat, until then I am just watching from the sidelines and waiting for a Nexus 3 with hardware that is actually top of the heap.


Buzz we will need to see some sort of benchmark comparison. Dual core sounds great but reality is that at this stage it is more marketing hype (unless you are a gamer). However with the smartphone market moving so quickly, who knows….

Brad Butler

I dont really care about the interface as ill just slap launcherpro on there anyway


I’m hoping the LG optimus 2x is considerably cheaper than the atrix.


I agree with James. I’m waiting for a few reviews before confirming the choice. But so far Motorola Atrix seems the best of the dual-core models announced. Granted, HTC and Samsung haven’t announced anything yet. I’m hoping for some mad specs from Samsung next gen. Hope they don’t disappoint.

james (bunnybash)

motorola atrix is the one i am waiting for…


So far LG hasn’t upgraded any of their phones to 2.2. Saw the report on one of the Android sites. Is this true? That report also said Dell didn’t update any phones to 2.2 but I know Australian Streaks have 2.2.

The report said HTC has a 57-day update delay, Motorola 52 days and Samsung like 129 days update delay…

Tim Marshall

If it had an LED for notifications I would be set on it .. as it stands I’ll get the first dual core android I see with an LED for around $70 a month .. even if thats in 8 months, for now I’ll make do with the hero, at least I can see if I got an email or text without turning the screen on!

Jake Oliver

Is it just me or does that look suspiciously like samsung’s touchwiz?

Buzz Moody



yep, it uses alot of touchwiz and sense UI

Julian Hutchison

Yeah I saw this UI when Engadget gave us their first glimpse of this phone in December and just turned me off it mostly…. the hardware looks quite nice, great specs…. but one Touchwiz UI is enough (yet too much at the same time!)

We need more innovative UI’s! (like HTC Sense!) or just give us vanilla… I’d be happy with that!


just buy one outright from os, its cheaper


Dual core processors are cool and are improvements for games and stuff like that, but pretty much useless outside of hardware intensive apps. I don’t play games on my phone (not even angry birds) so a dual core processor isn’t too appealing to me.

I’m watiting for phones with larger RAM capacity, so we can see an actual improvement not only in the amount of applications that the phone can handle, but how well it can handle them too.

Here’s hoping that Samsung and pull out something to wow us with the Galaxy S2.


So more efficient and using less power doesn’t count/? 1080p recording and full hd tv out isn’t appealing?
Also I don’t think RAM is much of an issue with linux/android unless you have a large number of tasks running simultaneously./?

Lucas Burnett

Agreed and Agreed


i dont think ill ever pay more than $59 for a phone but this phone looks killer, cant wait for all the next gen android phones to start coming out

Buzz Moody

I certainly won’t be buying one after seeing the abysmal video quality. But I will review one.




I look forward to your review, Buzz.
Unfortunately when you realise just how vast the profits of the carriers are, you understand that we consumers are NEVER getting value for money.
Hopefully the LG Black will be a little more affordable…and sexy…


The Video quality on The Optimus 2x has superior clarity and rendering to any other mobile phone currently available on the market. Cost will be $600-$700 outright far cheaper and superior in every way to the iPhone4. I was recently in Korea and had a good play with the LG Optimus2X and it beats everything on the market to date. I have a iPhone3Gs and a iPhone4 and the iPhone4 only has one advantage at present… maybe 2 but its debatable if the photo quality is better or not. Definitely not the video record quality as the Optimus 2X is… Read more »