In a report released by Telsyte yesterday, they claim the Android user base will increase threefold during the course of this year at the expense of older systems such as Windows Mobile 6.5 (But your HD2 can run Android fine) and Symbian. Telsyte expect pricing to become a major factor throughout the year with emphasis on low-cost devices on prepaid deals. They also said that the fight between Manufacturers won’t be over hardware, it will be over applications, which we think is a tad bit of BS considering how hard manufacturers are going at it with new hardware such as Tegra 2. Either way, we’re happy to see Android growing dramatically in this great country. Hit the source link for a more in-depth read.

Source: Telsyte.
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    There was some statistics around just recently, I think it was web traffic stats, and it said iPhone/iOS traffic was about 70% of smartphone data, Android, Nokia and RIM all then take about 10% each. This was obviously Australian traffic.

    Not sure how much can be read into them, as web traffic can always be subjective.


    Only 3 times bigger? That number seems a bit small if the US sales figures are an accurate guide. I would think it is also going to be a mix of bot hardware and software as there seems to be 2 real groups.
    The low to mid end of consumers are looking for at the cost and software. Wheres the upper end there will still be plenty of new innovations of features.


    The fight won’t be over hardware. If the growth is in low and mid tier phones, the majority of new users will be looking at
    1) cost
    2) what software the retailer carries on about.

    They aren’t interested in gigahertz…


    Are there any Australian market share numbers available? I’d be interesting to see what % of the Austalian market use Android/iPhone/RIM etc and the raw sales figures of 2010.


    me too…..
    What figures are they using for this?