So a video of the LG Optimus 2X shooting in 1080p has finally hit the web, and honestly, it’s not all that great. We would have much preferred epic-quality 720p to crappy, compressed 1080p, so hopefully this isn’t the finished software on it. Be sure to check out the video above in full screen 1080p for your viewing pleasure. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Exellent review. It is good imformation to know more. Thanks for share!


For a phone it looks fine to me and certainly watchable. If you want to take real photos and video then get a real camera as you are never going to get all that great quality from something so small whatever lens etc you have.

Joseph D Gould

The video from the Nokia N8 is darn, darn impressive for a phone. Sure, the actual operating system kills the phone as being a usable device, but darn it takes purty video:
And, of course, the promo short film they shot using one:

Now, none of these ARE as good as a dedicated camera, that’s for sure, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having that sort of video capability on me ALL THE TIME compared to what I get out of my current phone (LG Optimus One)

Joseph D Gould

Yeah, nice resolution, but terrible digital zoom and same ‘bloomy’ crud that pretty much all phone cameras exhibit. As Lucas says, improve the quality of the lenses and sensors rather than simply chasing numbers.

Except that ‘Jo Blogs’ wants ‘HD’ and ’10Mpx’ over lower res, but infinitely better looking images… sad really.

Lucas Burnett

I’m really not that impressed by the camera quality, they need to start using much better sensors and lens before upping the resolutions


it’s much the same a few years ago, when all the manufacturers were racing to have the highest megapixel count in a camera, nevermind that the shots were pixellated to a ridiculous degree, it’s in 10mp!


is there any rumors on when the 2x will be available in oz?