More information has come to light in regards to the Pay-to-Update story leaked via a post on XDA. We covered that story and have been wondering, if it’s true, do other manufacturers also indulge in this pratice? Well it seems, Samsung in fact, does not, and according to them it is all a lie. Hit the break for the juice.

In an email to Phone Scoop, Samsung stated,

“No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!”

Now, promises from manufacturers really don’t carry much weight these days and seeing as though Australian carriers have already rolled out their Froyo update to the Galaxy S, that doesn’t really apply to us. However, it would be interesting to find out why it does take soooo long to release updates.

Let’s wait and see if all this “pay-to-play” rubbish gets put to bed and carriers and manufactures start to roll out updates like they should…on time!

Source: Phone Scoop.
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Aaaaahhh so while they play games the consumer (the one that gives them money and makes their shareholders happy) gets left out in the cold. One day (I hope!) an honest carrier and manufacturer will get together and while it won’t be perfect at least we will all get the truth instead of the spin….UTOPIA.

Lucas Burnett

no one is going to call anyone out, carriers need phones and manufacturers need carriers. It’s a two way street, and no one wants to shit in their own nest. This all equals messy


Well this is getting confusing. So that source from yesterday was bull****ting?

Lucas Burnett

Big companies lie, it’s a fact, however whistle blowers also lie. It’s a typical he said, she said kind of story. Samsung had to say something about it, as it gained heaps of traction on major blogs.


But if Samsung was lying about charging the carriers, the carriers could call them out on it and say yes they do charge?

Anyway, I think I’ll take the word of Samsung over this ‘insider’.

Buzz Moody

Carriers would be under strict NDAs


What a cluster fuck. Seriously.

Lucas Burnett

Yep, back and forth, back and forth. Just release updates in a decent time frame, it’s ridiculous.