Samsung seems to be the talk of the town at the moment and this story is no exception. Samsung just has thrown up a tasty little morsel on their Samsung Unpacked site. Leaving everything to the imagination, the site shows an image of the Galaxy S along side a mystery message stating “evolution is fate” along with a heading of “Something big is coming. Join us to discover the next evolution in Samsung mobile”

Now we know the Galaxy S successor is being announced at MWC, that is a given and this invitation of sorts certainly confirms that, however its the specs that I’m interested in, dual-core, 2nd-gen Super AMOLED display, a chassis thats not plastic and no lag would be awesome. Fingers crossed that our wildest dreams come true. 25 days to go, not that i’m counting.

Source: Engadget.
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I love my Galaxy S, I am using a custom Rom and have no lag issues, took me a few days of research and trials to get the phone working on the NextG network properly again. Other than that it works perfectly without any bugs that i have come across.


The handset that the nexus s is based off will be outdated now. lmao


Looking forward to seeing the new phone and hoping it will look and feel like a so-called ‘premium’ device…


Does this mean it’s curtains for updates to the original galaxy s now?
Ah well, froyo didn’t fix the lag issue so I doubt gingerbread will either.

Lucas Burnett

here are reports that Samsung is testing Gingerbread on the Galaxy S, so i think there may still be life left in her


as long as they at least release the 2.2.1 update, I’ll be happy, from thereon in, might just root and flash a stock Gingerbread ROM if no updates come beyond 2.2.1


I’m enjoying your posts Lucas. They are coming across as being quite similar to Buzz’s write ups. Congrats mate, keep it up. The Nexus S running 2.3 on an ext4 partition doesn’t lag according to what I’ve read so far. I expect Samsung to get it right this time after working closely with Google on the Nexus S. Also, I’m such a sucker for OLED displays that I think Sammy has me for a while yet with the promise of SAM2. If this thing ships with Tegra 2 or Orion *has goosebumps thinking of that Mali quad GPU* and a… Read more »

Lucas Burnett

Thanks for the props TechHead, i’m enjoying being a part of the team here at Ausdroid.

Samsung just need to embrace the fastboot android standard rather then their own crappy bootloader and embrace the community ala HTC and they are on a winner.